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PREVIEW: There is a New Year’s Eve party with us! Info:

A decade full of hits, screaming, crying, celebrating and dancing – impulsive and boundless of course: celebrate with us the several one-hit-wonder candidates, as well as the permanent burners, who have knocked out one chart-striker after another! So be delighted to have a colorful mix of two indie / alternative, hip-hop, electro and trashy hands-up dancers.
Above, on the indie floor, everything that was alternative, indie and not mainstream in the 2000s,
at the bottom floor – the pop floor – gibts, yes, pop, hip hop, RnB, dance and electro from the Nullerjahren.

At the Indiefloor, we are celebrating a DJ anniversary, ten years of DJ Wasted & Ready, ten years of the Odyssey in the name of music:
When he played his first Dj set with Dj Schani Unkel on the 10th of October 2007 in Einbauöbel (thanks to Bernhard Kern from Siluh Records), he had no idea how to use a mixer, nor how to line up which tracks. But over time, as so often in life, one develops from virtue a virtue.
Today, almost ten years after this awakening experience, and a trip that has led him through several clubs, he will play the WarmUp at the 2000s Club Indiefloor. From 21: 50h may be congratulated & danced!
After that:
DJ Nils, a founding member of the collective Nils And Erv, is now thinking about the essentials, after years as an organizer, DJ and a lot of tours.
Back to the roots is again unsettled together with partner Erv and colleagues Vienna. Much has changed musically, but he has remained true to himself.
DJane Esti, the new entry in the collective, anchored in the Indie brings a new note into the game and convinces as an extravagant and full of passionate party queues.

At the Popfloor at decks:
J’aime Julien has been active since 2008 with various clubs, events and creative projects, whether with DJ sets at different parties or with sound design and video editing for young model artists, artists and designers. He is co-organizer of the two event series “Malefiz” and “Early Birds”.
Noisolepsy brings with it a music style that moves between electro, hip hop, dance and pop moving people and their butts to quake. What originally started with a small party called Assquake has now spread all over Vienna and even to Cape Town.
And somewhere in between: 2000s club founder & resident DJ David Jerina.

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