Adress: Wiener Stadthalle

Roland-Rainer-Platz 1, 1150 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 98100480


HEG Entertainment & Persianality Clubbing porudly present
Ebi – Live in Vienna – Final World Tour****************************************************
The 50 World Tour is finally arriving to Vienna, at the Beautiful Wiener Stadhalle.The 50 World Tour celebrates a lifetime of memories as Ebi, the King of Persian Pop, cements his legacy as one of the Greatest artists of our time, embarking on his Final World Tour.

Predestined to be the biggest and most iconic concert tour in Persian Music History, with an estimated audience of 100,000, during the span of 70 concert dates, in 4 continents, in more then 13 Countries, and 35 cities.

Join the Legend for a Magical Night, taking you on an unforgettable journeyas he performs a masterful mix of his hits, transcending 3 generations of memories.

Vorverkaufstellen / Pishfurushiye Bilitha:

oder / or

Sarafi Pars
Seidengasse 45
1070 Wien
Tel.: +43 660 760 01 90

Wiener Stadthalle – Halle F
Roland – Rainer – Platz 1
1150 Wien

In one sentence: This show will leave you mesmerized!

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