Aderess:U-Bahnbogen 39-40, Lerchenfeldergürtel, 1080 Vienna, Austria
Phone:0699 12185177

A new Funk-Soul-RnB rap session rules the city!

All of them, who have experienced them themselves, like to remember the legendary jams in the Ostklub and Luftbad, where not only the air was hot, but above all the music! A creative hotspot, where music was played together at a high level, with the groove always in the foreground. The musicians could exchange and connect, as well as with internationally renowned guests on the stage. New projects were created, many bands were founded at that time, but unfortunately there are some, some of them – including “Mel Verez & GORDOPAC”!

The audience had the opportunity to participate directly in the development process of the music, which extempore arose on the boiling stage by spontaneously spinning, high-caliber musicians, and will be remembered forever, because it was “rough”, authentic, passionate, stirring and – most importantly – 100% live improvised!

It’s time to revive these legendary jam sessions and provide a new focal point to the city’s groove aficionados!

First of all, with Gordopac, we’ll get the audience in a short but intense openerset, so we ask one or two guests to join the jam, and then all the musicians and singers are invited to create new improvisations at the same time Cover versions of popular classics.


Line Up:
Mel Verez: vox
Sankil Jones: vox
Alex Borek: sax
Dominik Reisner: guitar
Georg Gruber: keyboard
Rue Kostron: bass
Paul Pozarek: drums
Rainer “The Beast” Gradischnig: percussion

Admission: 7 euros
Students: 5 euros
Musicians who join mitjammen: Gratis!

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