THE KELLY FAMILY is back and she returns in 2018 for the first time since 1999 together on a big European tour. At more than 30 concerts fans can look forward to a Kelly-style impressively designed stage show. Whether with a convincing light show, confetti rain, spectacular pyrotechnics or video recordings that merge the time of yesteryear with today – every element underlines the songs without distracting them. Because what counts is the performance of the Kellys on stage, the interaction with their audience and an incomparable energy that floods the hall.

Angelo, Jimmy, Joey, John, Kathy, and Patricia Kelly, as well as “Special Guest” and founding member Paul Kelly present a firework of their big hits, such as “I can not stop the love,” “Why Why Why,” “An Angel,” “Nanana”, “Fur in Love with an Alien”, “Who’ll come with me” to name just a few.
But also new songs like “We Got Love”, “Keep on singing” or “Brothers and Sisters” will be there and make the concert something very special, generations connecting.
“We Got Love – Live 2018” is a musical journey that accompanies and enchants audiences through 40 years of band history. The concerts of THE KELLY FAMILY were legendary and it will be a special, emotional experience for many fans. Over 30 concerts full of goosebumps, an authentic power that has no other band and what sets them apart the most: the sense of cohesion and hope.

THE KELLY FAMILY: a family with over 20 million records sold, countless gold and platinum awards, over 50 awards such as ECHO, Bambi, Golden Camera or Golden Europe and live records across Europe, America and Asia to the most successful Irish bands belong to all times. Kelly Feeling is back and on tour! From January 25, 2018, the “WE GOT LOVE” tour starts with all hits.


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