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The Vietnamese cuisine convinces with freshness and lightness. With its many fresh herbs like coriander and Thai basil, it fits perfectly to summer, but also in winter it is ideal with its warming spices like cinnamon and star anise. Even with people who prefer milder dishes, the cuisine from Vietnam is very popular, so chilli usually only arrive at the table on the ready meals.

In this Vietnam cooking course you will learn everything important about the Vietnamese cuisine of Asia experts Clemens Drdla. He will introduce you to the Vietnamese cuisine and give you lots of tips and tricks. In addition to background knowledge on Vietnamese cuisine, product literature about Asian ingredients and food sources, tips and tricks for home cooking will be the focus of this course.

125, – per person
Included in the price are all ingredients, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and the recipes.

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Summer rolls filled with prawns, fresh herbs and dip

Stuffed lemongrass (Streetfood to be given at the next grill party)

Pho Ga – Vietnamese noodle soup classic with spices, chicken and fresh herbs

Crispy spring rolls with pork and / or prawns and taro

Bun thit nuong – Vietnamese rice noodle classic with lemon grass chicken and various toppings

Mangoknodel on papaya chilli chutney


Each participant can follow the course:

– find and choose the right and best ingredients in the goods jungle of the Asia-Shops

– work properly with Vietnamese ingredients and assemble a small standard assortment of home ingredients

– prepare delicious and fast Vietnamese dishes


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